What’s up with the evolution of Andrew Bynum’s hair? [photos]

Let’s examine the curious case of Sixers Andrew Bynum’s hair. I love fashion and often times utilize my hair as a way of expressing myself and switching it up. I’ve gone from blonde to black, curly to bone straight, weaved down to my butt, back up to a sassy bob. But I gotta say that I think Bynum is going through something with his most recent hair selections.

Check out how he’s switched up his fro and let me know if you love it or feel like he’s trying to get the lead role in a Blue Magic hair grease spot? Maybe he’s on a 70’s vibe and reinventing himself


Are these his hair idols?


His look last night was the final straw. I can’t rock with you anymore Drew… That is NOT ok!

Ok second note, he REALLY like’s that white stripped shirt right? I think I count him rocking it on at least 3 of the photos pictured here.