What he wore: Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook & James Harden [photos]

With game three of the NBA finals taking place on Sunday in Miami, I’d like to know who you have winning the style war so far. Lost? Not up on your NBA postgame fashion? Let’s take a quick look at what HE wore for the Heat’s victory over the Thunder – their first home loss of the playoff season.

Kevin Durant selected modern prep with a tan sport coat, blue and white checked shirt and added an orange tie for a pop of color. Understated but still fashion forward as he took a risk with the shirt-tie paring, I’d say this is a YES!!

Photo via She Got Game

Statement shirt king, Russell Westbrook took his fashion cues directly from the Original Penguin look book, down to the salmon colored cargo pants

Sixth man of the year, James Harden had a decidedly more “rock star” vibe to his look. Thunder blue blazer, ripped jeans and a graphic tee go nicely with his fro-hawk and bushy beard. Oh, I HATEEE the beard, please trim it. It hides your face and has overtaken it. Signed Jill!

Check out what the Veterans wore and a few of the misses that made the trip to OKC to support their Jock significant others as well.