Was a “Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood” cast member responsible for the Donald Sterling audio leak?


So, what do the leak of the recordings between former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling and VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood have in common? Allegedly, the person responsible for leaking the tape to TMZ is a member of the new cast. Follow me for a moment. On Thursday, an Instagram battle broke out between Ray J’s assistant Morgan, and his latest ex – girlfriend Princess Love.

As the two were throwing shade, Princess Love claimed that Morgan is the one who sent the tape to TMZ, betraying her friend V. Stiviano.


V. came in and sort of confirmed it on her IG page. But, as we know from experience, you have to take what she says with a grain of salt, plus keep in mind she likes the attention.


Who am I to judge? GOD knows I’ve been wrongfully judge by many people around the world. The truth is unfolding naturally on it’s own. This is the beginning of the #real #true #Hollywood #story #VStiviano #CBS #LATimes #NYTimes #TheWallStreetJournal #LaOpinion

So how did V. Stiviano and Morgan connect? That remains to be seen, but Morgan also did assistant work for Dodgers star Matt Kemp at one point. A photo of Matt and V.Stiviano was one of the pictures on Instagram that kicked off Donald’s jealousy.


Meanwhile. Princess is posting old photos from when she and Floyd Mayweather Jr. dated… right before Ray J took her off his hands. Remember 50 Cent going in on Floyd about that last year?


Just your run of the mill reality show drama.