Warriors owner Joe Lacob’s finance is beefing with him because Monta Ellis being traded

Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob is getting the cold shoulder from his fiance, Nicole Curran, after the trade of Monta Ellis to the bucks. Nicole had developed a friendship with Monta’s wife, Juanika.

“My fiancee is mad at me,” co-owner Lacob said, hanging out in the hallway off the court before Wednesday night’s game. “She hasn’t talked to me in two days.”

The day after he traded Ellis, the court side seat next to Lacob usually reserved for Nicole was empty. It’s a business, surely she can understand that. I do think it’s hilarious she put him on timeout.

Monta received a standing ovation Friday night as luck would have it, the Bucks played the Warriors in Oakland. The team put together a montage for the guard who was drafted out of high school to the Warriors.  The Bucks also ran away with the win. Monta’s stat line, 18 points, four rebounds and four assists.