Want to know how to fake a pregnancy?


Think of this as a public service announcement. You always hear random “groupie tales” about women attempting to trap athletes with fake pregnancies for the quick cash come up. I’m not just talking about sending you a text message with those two scary words, “I’m pregnant.” If her game is tight, she’ll be able to produce any documents you, or your agent/lawyers might require for proof. Did you know there is a website that helps you to fake a pregnancy? The site offers everything. Phony personalized positive pregnancy tests. Fake ultra sounds. False pregnancy bellies and even a fake DNA kit, in case she’s trying to convince you after the fact. She’ll invite you over for a faux swab test to send off to the lab with confirming matched results. Yikes.

Fake a pregnancy {DOT COM} offers all these items and more at very reasonable prices.


Looks like guys may have to take a trip with the girl to the doctor if he has any doubts or concerns. But isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? You can do whatever you want with the internet.


Pamela Smith and Michael Jordan photo used for illustrative purposes only.