Vine sensation Terio appears on CBS Sports [video]


Terio has become a social media sensation. So much so that the youngster and his older cousin, who put him on Vine to start the lovefest, appeared on CBS Sports Sunday to explain how this train left station.


So I have questions, is Terio still in school? He’s been traveling around the country quite a bit but he’s still in grade school and that’s important. Also, I hope that Lil Terrio gets a proper nutrition plan going. He seems tired and weezy in some of his latest videos. I know you have to seize the moment but he’s still a baby…



Check out a few of your favorites hitting their “Terio”

Wizards John Wall

Eagles DeSean Jackson

Raiders Mycal Rivera

Ravens RB Ray Rice hit his for a touchdown celebration too.


Trail Blazers Dorell Wright


Terrio has also been hanging out with some of your favorite rappers and actors.


curtsy to BSO photos via @Instagram