Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison’s Ex-Wives star in WE Reality Show [Video]

Ruby, Ellen & Ione Rucker

There’s another set of related former basketball wives on reality TV. “WE network’s Love Thy Sister features the Rucker sisters. Ellen, the is the Ex-Wife of NBA dunk legend, Memphis Grizzlies vet Vince Carter. Ione, the youngest sister, is the ex-wife of former NBA star Antawn Jamison.

The Ruckers are a prominent family from Lancaster, South Carolina.


Ellen is a chiropractor, with her own practice that she’s had for 10 years. She’s moved on from Vince to Bakari Sellers, a member of the South Carolina House Representatives.


Ione is the youngest sister. She currently runs her family’s non-profit organization, The Rucker Education Scholarship Fund. She and Antawn were married for eight years. Antawn spent time with the Cavs, Warriors, Lakers, and Clippers.



Ruby is the middle sister and the hot head of the bunch.