VIkings RB Adrian Peterson’s arrest video [video]

Video has surfaced from Vikings RB Adrian Peterson’s arrest early Saturday morning in Houston. The police are alleging that Peterson was intoxicated and shoved an off-duty officer who was working at the club as a bouncer.

More details about the video via TMZ:

In the video, Peterson can be seen being escorted out by cops while several people look on. The woman who shot the video tells TMZ she didn’t see what lead to the arrest, but once it was going down … she felt the cops were being super aggressive with him.


The general manager of the club – Live at Bayou Place, Daniel Maher stated that Peterson was drunk and difficult all evening which was out of character for the running back. He also said that Adrian got aggressive with officers after trying to purchase a drink and being told the club was closing. Maher then went on to say that Peterson took a fighting stance prior to being subdued. Lastly he said Peterson was apologetic and stated that he doesn’t usually drink. Peterson’s side is saying he was asking for water, Maher stated he wanted alcohol.

Peterson released a Winston Churchill statement on Twitter:



This will be interesting to watch playout.