Vanessa Bryant tells Instagram about Drake lines, where Kobe wants to be and his tattoo inspiration


Vanessa Bryant opened her Instagram feed to the masses on Christmas Eve and she’s been extremely interactive in the comments section with fans. Vanessa has answered questions about her divorce – she claims it’s none of the reasons that you’ve heard, explained how she would’ve been a criminal prosecutor had she not married Kobe, why Kobe got his tatt dedicated to her – hint because everyone else had abandoned him- and how she felt about Drake’s line in Rick Ross’ – wait, is it officially Rozay now? I’m so confused on that – “Stay Scheming.” You remember the line “B***h you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym”



Only problem with that, Kobe said back in 2010 that Drake was a great friend… Somebody’s lying.



Minor detail I suppose. Kobe also laughed when a fan shouted that line to him a few months ago.
But, my favorite Instagram Lady VB24 comment, Vanessa politely let a “hater” know that Kobe could be with anyone he wanted to be but he chose her.

Check out some of Vanessa’s Instagram comment hits. She deletes a lot so you have to be quick!