Vanessa Bryant says you’ll never catch her on a reality show

Vanessa Bryant has been extremely chatty with the press as of late. A distinct departure from the earlier years of her relationship with Kobe. This time Vanessa is chatting about fitness and why she’d never do reality TV (remember I told you this months ago when some were suggesting she’d be on the next season of Basketball Wives LA… as IF):

We can’t lie, reality TV is our guilty pleasure. Do you have any shows you can’t miss?
I don’t really get a chance to watch TV most days but I love The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I also enjoy watching Giuliana & Bill. I’m not just saying that. I really related to Giuliana because I had what’s considered “high-risk” pregnancies. Although I got pregnant naturally, it was very difficult to get pregnant and stay pregnant with my children even though I was 19 and 23 years old when my girls were conceived.

Would you ever consider having cameras follow you around for a reality show?
Absolutely 100% no. Kobe and I were approached to do a reality show after Nick and Jessica started Newlyweds, then they wanted my friend La-La and I to do one, years ago. I really enjoy my privacy and I love being my goofy and sarcastic self with family and friends. I certainly don’t want to enable people to think they have a significant opinion on what goes on in my life.

Out of all the “housewives” shows you pick New Jersey? Not the original, Orange County or the close to home, Beverly Hills – those are my personal favs of the franchise. But, I completely understand her POV on wanting to participate in a reality show. I always say those that do are brave souls. But it’s still interesting to note the amount of press Vanessa is doing these days…