Vanessa Bryant Gets 3 Mansions, Including A Newly Constructed Home From Kobe Bryant Divorce

Initially it was reported that Vanessa Bryant was receiving two homes as part of her divorce settlement from Kobe. Now TMZ is reporting that the recently constructed new mansion- which is also in Newport Beach- also goes to Vanessa.

Vanessa will receive half of Kobe’s worth, about $75 million dollars which includes the 3 mansions worth approximately $18.8 million. People seem shocked that the number seems low. Helicopter flights, lawyers fees and experimental procedures add up. I don’t know that I’d want three mansions all lumped in the same area. If property values drop you’re stuck and the maintenance has to be crazy. Maybe she’ll move into the new place, sell the old one and pocket that money for fun.

The three properties are:

-An estate in the Resort at Pelican Hill was recently under construction. Property records peg its worth at $11.2 million. Bryant’s agent, Rob Pelinka, was the listed owner until he signed transfer papers Dec. 15.

–A home worth $2.9 million was owned jointly by the couple since 2003. Vanessa Bryant signed documents to transfer it into her name Dec. 14.

–A home valued at $4.7 million was transferred to Vanessa on Dec. 30 from the Kobe Bryant trust.

Check out photo of the new mansion.

I’m sure guys are plotting on where they can run into Vanessa to be her boy toy.