Ty Lawson & girlfriend Ashley Nicole say arrests were a misunderstanding


Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson and his girlfriend, Ashley Nicole are claiming their domestic violence arrests were a complete misunderstanding. Even though the court issued a restraining order for Ty to stay away from Ashley, according to TMZ, the couple is at home, TOGETHER… even though Ty tweeted that he was in LA:


The couple was arrested on Saturday following an argument about a phone conversation Ashley allegedly overheard between Ty and another woman the night before.

Ashley told the police she tried to pack her things to leave Lawson because she’d had enough, but he stopped her and pushed her on their bed. She says she then threw his phone and broke it. Lawson then allegedly grabbed her phone and dunked it under water.

Ashley is six months pregnant so a break up probably wasn’t in the cards anyway. Ty, it might be time to invest other ways to keep your “special friendships” below the radar.