Trial date to be set for emotional distress claims by Vanessa Lopez against Shaq

A trial date is close to being scheduled between Vanessa Lopez and Shaquille O’Neal. Lopez filed a suit against O’Neal Florida claiming intentional infliction of emotional distress and assault stemming from an alleged affair between the two while Shaq was married that included; a pregnancy scare and claims of intimidation and threats.

Per RadarOnline, settlement talks haven’t moved forward and Lopez’s lawyers are also petitioning the court for the case to be televised. Probably in an attempt to scare Shaq into settling and avoid even more salacious details being aired publicly.

“Vanessa wants the public to know exactly what Shaq did to her and she is looking forward to the day of taking the stand and telling a jury of her peers exactly what happened,” the insider says. “She wants him to be treated just like anyone else, it’s just about the truth, period.”

Lopez’s attorney, Gloria Allred absolutely wants the public in on the details.

 “Shaq was unsuccessful in his efforts to get our case dismissed. We are continuing to aggresively litigate our case on behalf of Ms. Lopez and are looking forward to taking Shaq’s deposition. We will proceed to do everything possible to protect our client’s rights.”