Tony Parker’s eye injury may cause him to miss the Olympics

As soon as it was leaked that Spurs point guard Tony Parker was filing suit against WIP, the Manhattan nightclub he suffered an eye injury at during a Drake-Chris Brown dust up, I assumed the injury was more serious than being discussed.

Parker actually had to have surgery on his left eye to remove a shard of glass. The lacerated cornea actually could’ve caused him to lose the eye. What he might miss, the Olympic games in London next month representing France.

“As required by the Spurs, I will go back to the U.S. on July 5… I will visit a specialist in New York, hoping he will give the green light to compete at the Games,” Parker said on his official website (

We’ll have to watch this story develop. If his injury is as serious as being claimed, you can bet their looking at the impact on his NBA career and the money he earns in that arena. Parker’s contract is worth $50 million.