Title Town: Which City Reigns Supreme

Every time a team wins a championship, the media dubs them “Title Town.” This nickname is affectionately meant to infer that that city wins more sports championships than any other. But there can only be one true title town. So who is the true title town? Which city reigns supreme as the best sports city in major sports?

Green Bay is the original title town but after years without any major winning, they lost that honor. New York has the slumping Yankees and Rangers, but have not won much in the last few years. L.A. has the Kings, but the rest of their city has been futile. So who is it?


The answer should be obvious. The best city in sports since the turn of the millennium is Boston. Boston has the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and Bruins; who have all won championships since 2000.  The Pats have 4, Red Sox have 3 and Celtics and Bruins 1. That’s 9 championships in 15 years.


Boston has put together a string of dominance that is unmatched by any city, in nearly any period. Their teams have been so consistently good for so long that it would be absurd not to dub them title town.


All around, sports in Boston mean something to the people. Every game is a sellout. Fans never give up, even after 86 years of losing. Boston never gives up and the fans stay loyal. When teams are able to develop a fanbase like this, good things are bound to come, and they certainly have in Boston.

Not only has Boston been good, they will continue to be good for the next decade. With Brady and company always a threat to win and the Red Sox sitting atop the A.L. East, more banners are sure to be coming to the greatest sports city in the last decade. The Bruins are always a good bet for the Stanley Cup with their power style.


The Celtics don’t just have history on their side and anyone looking at their roster has to see the threat they pose to any would be NBA Champion. This city may not get the clout of New York or LA, but one look at their sports teams and you can’t help but name them Title Town.

–Michael Hersey