Timberwolves Kevin Love & Derrick Williams In Cryotherapy [Photos]

With the lockout shortened season putting a strain on NBA player’s bodies. Jocks are turning to more advance methods of recovery after the rigors of  game day or practice.

Kevin Love, Derrick Williams, Anthony Tolliver and Wayne Ellington of the Minnesota Timberwolves tweeted photos of themselves in cryotherapy. The goal is to keep down inflammation and pain. The Lakers went as at team in Sacramento early this season to have it done.

It’s basically an updated ice bath. The process takes three minutes, the temperature inside is dropped to minus 166 degrees Fahrenheit. The therapy can cause serious injuries. Former Cleveland Cavaliers draft pick Manny Harris ended up with freezer burn on his foot after entering the machine with wet socks on at the Nike campus during the lockout.

The injury still wasn’t healed when camp opened and he was ultimately waived.

Oh, Anthony Tolliver tweeted that their treatment was at -250 degrees.

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