Thunder vs. Lakers game 1: What to look for

The Thunder had a vested interest in the outcome of game seven between the Lakers and Nuggets. Teammates gathered at Nazr Mohammed’s home and ended up watching the game in the kitchen.


The teams played three times this season with the Thunder taking two out of the three. The Lakers bounced the Thunder out of the playoffs two seasons ago. There’s that whole Derek Fisher mid-season trade and most recently, Metta World Peace’s elbow to Harden. That’s enough sublots to make this match-up into a rivalry. But in order to truly become that, the Thunder have to beat the Lakers in the playoffs.

Metta World Peace has already fired off a shot saying he won’t shake James Harden’s hand. Why? Because Harden doesn’t start and he doesn’t shake scrubs hands…

The Blue print to beat them is out now. First game is Monday in Oklahoma City.