Throwback Tea: Matt Kemp’s ex files restraining order against him


The rumors of Matt Kemp and Khloe Kardashian dating just started bubbling up last week and Matt is already on the hot seat. Back in 2008, before most of you were up on Matt, his ex-girlfriend, Felisha Terrell filed a restraining order against him. Felisha and Matt were living together and after the break up, Matt wanted her out of his place. Check the details:

He repeatedly made me scared and gets in my face asserting some power/authority,” she claimed. “He brings his friends driving up and down the street to try and intimidate me. I am very fearful.”

Terrell continued, “He has other people calling me, stalking me, and I feel very scared for my safety.”

Worse, she alleged she was subjected to especially “erratic behavior when he drinks and/or smokes marijuana.”

“He got thrown out of a club for fighting with a woman…” she claimed. “And now I am afraid …”

Terrell later vacated the restraining order amid allegations that Kemp had kicked her out of the apartment he had been paying for.

Felisha later dropped the order and Matt’s team maintained that he was always a southern gentleman and there was no domestic abuse.

Here’s another fun fact for you, Felisha is the ex-fiancé of former NFL wide receiver, Terrell Owens.

I told you, Jocks love a referral.