The X Life – Reality TV For The X-Games Set

The X Life, is a new series on VH1 that follows the extreme lives of the biggest names in actions sports and the women that love them!

The 3 athletes are Pierre Luc Gagnon aka “PLG” , Cory “Nasty” Nastazio and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg and their significant others Denise, Nicole & Susie (for those keeping score, 1 wife, 1 Girlfriend/baby mama and 1 Girlfriend no dependents).

Growing up in L.A. the whole surf, skate culture is deeply ingrained in me. I’ve attempted surfing, attended the X-Games and I’m not opposed to learning how to skateboard if I can find a patient teacher!

The show gives yet another inside peek into the life of pro athletes and their mates. While these guys may be household names to some,  the premiere episode on Monday was my first introduction to them and I’m already hooked! Score another one for VH1 (Sports). The show airs on Mondays at 10. Naturally there’s a healthy dose of drama and cat fights. Is it really reality TV if that’s missing?

Check out the guys’ bios and the super tease for the show!

Twitch, Susie and their daughter


AGE: 29
WIFE: Susie Stenberg

Twitch is a freestyle motorcross rider who brings lots of personality on and off the track. Twitch is the group’s funny man: he’s always got a smart-ass comment to add! He can be a real shit stirrer — he’s never opposed to some drama and loves getting people out of their comfort zone. Twitch’s nickname stems from his Tourette’s syndrome; he’s never let the condition get in his way but rather embraces it as part of his attention grabbing persona. He is sponsored by Etnies, Spy Optics, Thor, Rockstar Energy Drink, Incipio, Alpinestars, Dunlop, Kicker, Maxima Oils, Pro Taper and Jose Cuervo. He most recently won bronze for Best Whip at the 2010 X-Games.

Susie is Twitch’s driving force: without her, he would be lost. She’s the badass business mind of Twitch’s career and a stellar mother to their 9-month-old daughter, Savy. Susie is very assertive about what she wants and is definitely the biggest bitch in the group: if Susie has a problem, you will definitely know!

Nicole, Cory and their 2 children

“Nasty” is my favorite so far (he’s kinda sexy right!)

AGE: 32
GIRLFRIEND: Nicole Panattoni
Cory is a BMX rider, known worldwide for his dirt jumps. He’s a busy guy, with a lot of energy. He’s funny, he’s charming, and can be quite the ladies man. He’s the most sensitive in the bunch, but is no stranger to getting wild. He considered quitting a few years ago, after his good friend, Stephen Murray, was paralyzed from a BMX accident. But, under Stephen’s pushing, he kept with the sport.

Cory has been on top of his sport for 15 years and received the silver metal at Xgames and Dew Tour; the gold at Australia X games and is a two time Noro cup winner and three time overall point leader in Panasonic BMX dirt tour. He is sponsored by Haro bikes, Rockstar Energy Drink, Vans, Pro-tec and Jose Cuervo.

Nicole is a model and former contestant on America’s Next Top Model. She’s a fun-loving California girl who always speaks her mind. Nicole is the stability in their crazy relationship and will always be there for her man. They have gone through many ups and downs in their 10-year relationship, but it has all been worth it, and now their relationship a new milestone. They have a five-year-old son, Trey and an 11-month old daughter, Londyn.

PLG & Denise

Denise is Feisty!!


AGE: 30
HOMETOWN: Boucherville, Canada
GIRLFRIEND: Denise Russo

PLG is a Canadian professional skateboarder. He has been skating since he was 8 years old and has won 15 X-Game medals (including four gold!). Pierre is a massive control freak: he’s always finessing his skills, always on top of his game, and never gives in to anyone’s demands. He’s had victories at the Dew Tour, Gravity Games and the Maloof Money Cup. His sponsors include Darkstar Skateboards, Monster Energy Drink, Osiris Footwear, RDS Clothing, Capix, Electric Eyewear, Skullcandy, Incipio, Jose Cuervo and Kicker.

Denise is a native New Yorker who is a true firecracker. She loves to party and definitely adds some spice to her and Pierre’s relationship. These two are the epitome of opposites attract and although they are often bickering away at each other, the love is definitely there. Denise and Pierre have been together for over 3 years and Denise is ready for marriage; while Pierre is happy just the way things are. They are at a crossroads in their relationship — will things move forward for them or will this be the end of the Denise/Pierre love-story?

Also interesting to note, Nicole and Susie have known each other since high school and “date the same type of guys”. Hmm I wonder if people secretly refer to them as X-Games groupies like they do with other women who have a “type” :giggles: