The T.OchO Show!

Go ahead and salute me! I called this back in July (check the archives) The T.Ocho Show is set to make its debut on The Versus Network. (Not that everybody couldn’t see this coming just didn’t expect this particular network. Interesting pick up for Versus). Premiering October 12th, the duo will be introduced to the network via a segment feature on The Daily Line.

The plan for the show is for T.O. and Ochocinco, along with a studio host, to discuss their views on the NFL, Twitter and highlights from their VH-1 shows — “The T.O. Show” and “Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.”

Yeah, cause EVERYBODY cares about that dead ass Ultimate Catch. Ruby won by the way. Or did she actually lose because she’s not even able to fully capitalize on her Reality Show Kit cause Chad is on to the next  (TV show, Network & Chick… WOW).

Can’t wait to see it!