The T.O. Show To Return For Season 3

Terrell Owens has some free time on his hands, VH1 has programming hours to fill. That means Season 3 of The T.O. Show will be back in time for your summer viewing pleasure.

The synopsis for season 3 sounds eerily similar to season 2, except this time it will be set in Miami. Oh and there’s a business venture!

The T.O. Show” returns for a third season and his reality show is about to get more real than ever. Terrell is once again a player without a team and a man without a woman.  Everyone seems to think that Terrell’s football career is over, but in his own mind he knows that he’s got at least one more great season in him. A year, however, is not a lot of time and faced with the uncertainty of life without football, Terrell realizes that he needs to get his entrepreneurial game on

When we last saw Terrell at the end of season two he was down on one knee proposing to his long suffering girlfriend, Kari. In the middle of their lunch meeting, his publicist and business partner Monique quit, leaving Kita to pick up the pieces. Since then, he and Kari have parted ways — to no one’s surprise – and Monique has reluctantly come back to work for Terrell — to everyone’s surprise.

Season three is all about perspective, fun and a change of scenery. Terrell has decided that he wants to live in Miami this off season and tells the girls that he needs them to relocate to be there with him. Once again, Mo and Terrell are at odds. She has her husband Victor and three boys to consider. Her decision could be the final blow to their friendship and working relationship.  Meanwhile, Kita is still picking up the pieces to her broken heart after finding out that her boyfriend Joe was still legally married.  She needs to get away and Miami is the perfect place for her to get a fresh start and she can help Terrell get his life together.

Through it all, Terrell commits himself to the future, working on several business opportunities including taking his own barbershop, ‘T.O. Cutz’ to the next level.  He also capitalizes on one of his most valuable assets – his body – and takes a financial risk to launch a brand of fitness products and a personal training business catered to women, of course.

Meanwhile, Terrell and Kita hit the South Beach scene. Let the womanizing commence! Terrell, has a revolving door of honey’s rolling through the house he shares with Kita. But, how long will she tolerate it? And how long will it take before Monique caves in and shows up on Terrell’s doorstep?  And, when she finally does, will it be three’s company or three’s a crowd?

OK… I don’t know if I’ll watch consistently but I’ll be sure to check out an episode or two. Any word on what happened with The T.O.cho show?  Guess that only worked when Batman & Robin were on the same team…