The T.O. Show Season 3 Trailer [Video]

Obviously VH1 is one of my favorite channels. They give me a nice little sport-reality fusion that “speaks to me.” Season 3 of The T.O. Show begins August 22nd. This season looks like it’s going to be great. Terrell is faced with rehabbing a second knee injury in 6 months. How this impacts his journey to find a new team (or forces him into retirement) will be an interesting journey to watch.

We’ll also get to check in on Kita’s relationship with Joe and to see if Monique makes good on her thoughts to walk away from the T.O. circus.

Bonus clip, a new version of Lala’s full court life. This show is also making it’s debut on VH1 this month. But of course you already know that because you read about it here eons ago. 🙂