The Orlando Magic still one big happy team [photo]

The Magic players seem to be rallying around Dwight Howard and each other as the clock on the trade deadline winds down. Reports have had Dwight Howard allegedly saying he was staying with the team through 2013 and not opting out this summer. One minute he said he would sign the paperwork commiting to the Magic for one more season. Then came reports that Howard told 3 unnamed players exactly the opposite. Only confirming that he was “here” until the end of the season and discussing what each player needed to do to get the Magic back to the finals.

Dwight with the product shot. Making sure at least someone stays happy with him.

After the game, Dwight Howard allegedly apologized for the circus he’s caused and blamed it on bad advice. Howard again stated that he wants to opt in for another year with the Magic.

I would hope the Magic would trade him and get the best deal to benefit them. End this nightmare and get what you can.

The Magic lost to the Spurs, 122-111.


photo via QRich’s Twitter