The Game Gets Suspended from Basketball League for Punching Player


Looks like rapper The Game won’t be hitting the basketball court anytime soon after he punched a player on an opposing team.

The Game was hit with way more than a foul after socking one of his opponents on the court. On Sunday, during the basketball game, things must have gotten a little heated as the rap star decided to square up with an opponent and hit him in the face. The opponent as it turns out, was an off duty police officer.  As a result, the JBL Basketball League has officially suspended the rapper until the police and DA investigate the incident.


Although The Game may be forced to sit it out, his team is still allowed to participate and play in the league. However, league officials are standing firm that The Game is not permitted to take part in any game functions, meaning he can’t participate in team huddles or even sit on the bench.


Just another lesson of why it’s good to keep your hands to yourself.