The Assist: Savannah Brinson’s Engagement Ring [Photo]


Savannah Brinson was spotted at the Miami Heat game showing of her pear-shaped engagement ring. LeBron didn’t give up to many details after the Heat beat the Charlotte Bobcats but seemed to understand the romantic aspect of proposing on New Year’s Eve.

“She would love to answer more questions about it than me. But she’s happy, my family’s happy and that’s what it’s all about. . . It should be a surprise. For any woman, any time something like that happens, she was surprised.”

Dwyane Wade had the duty of holding on to the ring for the King. He was a little more forthcoming with information about the actual propsal.

“He kind of caught her in a moment right after New Year’s after we all did the countdown when everybody was (yelling), ‘Happy New Year.’ Then he got her. So it was good. To me, it felt like he was on his knee for an hour. It probably was like 35 seconds. It was great.”


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photo via Yahoo