Teyana Taylor Clears The Air On Brandon Jennings & His New Relationship [Audio]


The word “friend” can have many meanings depending on whose the one stating it. Teyana Taylor is upset that her ex, Pistons guard Brandon Jennings is now dating- engaged to- someone she feels was her “friend,” actress Tae Heckard.  Teyana claims that she and Tae were real friends. Tae’s side is that she and Teyana weren’t “real” friends, they didn’t discuss relationships, etc. but, Teyana went on “The Breakfast Club” to air out her issues- with Tae, not Brandon. Confused… read on.

Teyana feels that Brandon getting on Twitter last week, dismissing her relationship was just a platform to highlight his new relationship. That everything he’s currently doing with Tae – the rings, Cartier bracelets and PDA’s is a do-over of what happened with them. That you can’t down play an engagement and what the relationship was…



On not being upset with Brandon, but with Tae:  

Brandon doesn’t shock me anymore…so my issues isn’t with Brandon. My issue is with Tae cuz that was my friend….You’re 36 years old. You’re a grown woman. I’m 23. As a woman, the moment you found


Why she feels the need to speak out now: 

When things are made up about me, I hafta start stating facts… I wouldn’t care if we were broken up for 8 years? How can we be friends? [Brandon] Talkin’ about she’s teaching me everything I know. Dude, y’all been together two minutes… My issue with Tae is what she did is wrong…I know her own run down. I peeped how she get down.

If she’s in a relationship and if she’s dating Colin Kaepernick: 

Absolutely…No, I’m not dating Collin Kappernick.

On Brandon being her first love: 

This is my first love. My first everything. I’m close to his family. You love who you love… That’s all that disappointed me was the betrayal…It’s at a stage I’m not about to hit you up…I’m truly happy for Brandon. And If you’re truly happy with Tae, she’s a beautiful girl…

If she can ever be friends again with Tae:

Absolutely, not, that’s gross.

On rumors she lost her virginity to Brandon: 

I gave him my virginity like two years ago…


Teyana also says she and Brandon have been involved recently. That she flew out to see him play this season when the Pistons played the Houston Rockets and days before Brandon debuted his new relationship with Tae, Teyana told him she was done and he was upset that after five years she was moving on.

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transcription via The Jasmine Brand