Texans’ Arian Foster Settles Custody Battle with Baby Mama


Nothing worse than some baby mama drama, and now Houston Texans star Arian Foster came put that mess behind him.

The star running back settled the child custody and support battle with his baby mama, Brittany Norwood, before it went to trial. According to court records, Foster and Norwood decided to skip the trial that was scheduled to appear in a Houston court next week, and managed to come to an agreement on their own.


Last year, Norwood and Foster were in a heated court family court battle. Norwood filed court documents claiming when she got pregnant with Foster’s kid he allegedly harassed her to get an abortion. In response, Foster claimed she was lying and trying to shake him down for cash. Neither Foster nor Norwood commented on the settlement due to a court-enforced gag order.


Now that the money’s settled…hopefully they can work towards co-parenting.