Terrell Owens wife wants divorce after 2 weeks of marriage


Rachel Snider thought she found love in a hopeless place with former NFL star Terrell Owens. But after just two weeks of marriage, Snider has left Owens and moved from California. Snider claims that T.O. was just using her for her credit score. Per TMZ Sports, Snider says that Owens wanted to secure a $2 million loan for a home in Sherman Oaks, ca.

Snider also took to Twitter to defend herself claiming that she understood Owens financial status, she had been dating him on the low for five years, she wasn’t looking for the limelight AND she doesn’t work for the post office anymore.

I also was amused that Rachel requested Mark Geragos check his DM. Geragos is a celebrity attorney whose represented Michael Jackson, actress Winona Ryder, politician Gary Condit, Susan McDougal and Scott Peterson.


Welp, when athletes strike back. Her first clue should’ve been the fact that she was under cover for half of a decade. Next that the marriage proposal came when he hit rock bottom.


photo via @Rachel24Q