Terrell Owens’ wife of 72 hours wants alimony


Are 72-hours of marriage worth alimony? Rachel Snider believes so. Snider is the woman who married former NFL star Terrell Owens in a courthouse ceremony – were the two reportedly didn’t even exchange rings – back in January. The marriage lasted three days, with Snider eventually claiming that T.O. only married her for her money.

Snider also wants Terrell to pay for her legal fees.

So, I’m going to play captain obvious here. How can a man that you said only married you for money pay you alimony and for your legal costs? What type of support do you believe you’re entitled to after THREE DAYS of marriage? Alimony is to keep the recipient in the style that they had been accustomed to during the course of marriage. I guess she wants to get back at Terrell for requesting she pay his legal fees. This whole thing is sad and pathetic. Both of them have issues.