Terrell Owens Wants You To Buy His Used Team Jordans & Old Air Force Ones


Tons of reality TV stars and others sell their gently used clothing and shoes on the internet. After all, once you’re photographed a few times in a stand out pair of stilettos, you have to move on to another shoe. Well, add former NFL star Terrell Owens to list of names that’s putting his used goods online for you to purchase.

Dying for a used pair of Team Jordan brand footwear. No, not those reto Jordans you have to stand in line for at 4 AM to add to your collection, I’m talking Jordan Trunners and whatnot.

Or maybe a slightly dusty pair of white on white Air Force Ones. I mean its a bargain at only $125.. terrell-owens-AF1

We know Terrell has had some financial issues in the past. Maybe your purchase will help him out with that child support bill. Although, if his footwear selection is any indication as to how he makes other decisions in life, it’s no wonder he’s had a few issues.