Terrell Owens says he’s “rich people” broke, not regular broke

The PR machine is a tricky one to navigate. There is a fine line between providing transparency or clarity and the “over-share.” Terrell Owens may be tipping the scale towards the over-share side of our scale. Following up his appearance on Dr. Phil with 3 of his 4 children’s mothers, Terrell went on an Atlanta radio station to clear up the misconception that he’s “broke.”

“My broke, for the normal person, is not their broke,” Owens said. The 38-year-old receiver went on to expand upon his comment, explaining that his “circumstance have changed.” “That means I don’t make the same amount of money that I used to make.  With my financial situation, people are asking how did I blow $60 million or $80 million?  Those numbers are skewed.  If you just kind of factor in the numbers of what I made and how many years I’ve played.  Other than that, I don’t know what else to say… I’m not an extravagant living-type person.  I didn’t blow my money.  My money was stolen and mismanaged.”


Terrell still has a desire to play in the NFL but with age as a factor plus all his business in the streets, I’d say a transition plan is more within reason. WHAT’S NEXT T.O.? Pop your popcorn for that…