Terrell Owens says he’s not broke and wants a divorce


Terrell Owens wants a divorce from his wife too. Last week, just two weeks after Terrell Owens married Rachel Snider in a court house ceremony, Snider reportedly plans to file for divorce believing Owens only married her for her credit score. Meanwhile, T.O. has fired back, stating he’s not broke and, as soon as he returns to LA, he’s filing first.

“Money is NOT an issue for Terrell.”

In fact, the rep says Terrell is the “primary” person on the loan — and Owens is adamant he never hooked up with Snider for money.

“Come on, she’s a postal worker,” the rep says … adding, “Do you really think she’s the primary on the loan?”

The rep says T.O. is currently out of town working on a “new show coming out in March” (she wouldn’t reveal details about the show)

Snider claims she’s been involved with Terrell for the last five years…