Terrell Owens Pitching A Sitcom Based On His Relationship With The 3 Mothers of His Kids

Between the NFL lockout and a torn ACL, it appears that Terrell Owens knows the writing is on the wall. It’s no surprise that T.O. is choosing acting as his next career goal. T.O. has been pitching a sitcom titled 8 & 1. The show would be based on Terrell and his relationship with his 4 children’s 3 mothers.

“It’s loosely based on my life and my career. I have four kids by three different moms,” T.O. said. “It will showcase my skills as an actor, which is something I want to do after football.”
In “8 & 1” — a play on T.O.’s number 81 — Owens would play an NFL star named Terrell O’Neal nearing the end of his career who lives with his mother, his best friend, two baby mamas, and four kids.

Wow… I don’t know if I would actually watch this show, but I do find the concept giggle-worthy. I guess he one upped Shawn Marion’s idea for his reality show. The crazy thing about this are reports that Terrell has recently been sued by one of his “baby’s mamas” for back child support payment.

I’m big on transition! Having an exit strategy is extremely important, especially in a field like sports where a large portion of former players end up with cash flow issues and no clear career after the game. But Terrell, I saw your appearance on VH1’s “Single Ladies”… maybe having a couple of options would be better!