Terrell Owen’s Daughter’s Mother Wants Him Jailed For Back Child Support

Terrell Owens is having financial problems. On the most recent episode of his reality show, The T.O. Show, it was revealed that something is funny with Terrell’s $$ and his credit score is currently in the 500 range.

With no income from the NFL, Terrell still has real world responsibilities like several mortgages and child support. Owens is 2 months behind on the $5,000 a month he owes to Melanie Paige Smith, the mother of Terrell’s 5-year old daughter. For his part, Terrell has requested the amount be reduced to $2500.

Melanie has filed a petition in Fulton County Superior Court to ask that T.O. be thrown in jail. I know what would’ve been cheaper, but no point in bringing that up now. Good luck Terrell.