Teens Walk Into Ray Allen’s Unlocked House At 2AM While Family Sleeps


If you’re an NBA player in the Miami area, home safety has to be high on your list of concerns. Ray Allen becomes the fourth Miami Heat player in the last year whose home has been broken into or a victim of robbery.

In Allen’s case, his wife and children were home alone when teens decided it would be cool at 2 AM to check where Ray Allen lives.

It looked like no one was home about 2 a.m., so they walked in through an unlocked back door.

Allen wasn’t home, but his wife, Shannon Walker Allen, and their kids were sleeping upstairs, according to Coral Gables police spokeswoman Kelly Denham. When the intruders began walking around and making noise, Shannon Allen woke up and screamed, “What are you doing in my home?”

The intruders — six men and a woman, ages 18 to 19 — scattered after Allen screamed, according to NBCMiami.com:

The teens […] believed Allen and his family weren’t home and said they thought it would be “cool” to go in the house […]

They told some parents what had happened and the parents drove them to the police department to report what happened, Denham said.

“They stated that they did enter the home,” said Denham. “They were there to see where Ray Allen had lived. They honestly thought that he had moved from the house.”

Common sense says you don’t go into private property at 2 AM whether you think it’s occupied or not. I would expect an alarm service to go off, especially if they thought he already moved.

No charges have been filed and, Ray Allen still hasn’t announced if he’s planning on playing next season.