Tales From The DM: Cam Newton Edition

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton might be walking out of post game press conferences when questions come up he doesn’t feel like answering, but he allegedly won’t take no for an answer when he’s dipping off in a young lady’s direct messages on Instagram.

According to Baller Alert:

DM’s sent by Cam Newton to the owner of an online shop @just4eign. Newton initially enters her inbox and asks her where she lives. She answers Atlanta, makes some small talk with him, and eventually tells the Baller she is married. However, that doesn’t stop Cam from continuing the conversation. In fact, he eventually tells her that he is coming to Atlanta soon and would like to grab lunch or dinner. He also calls her husband a “sucka ass guy” and refers to him as “outdated software.” If that in itself wasn’t weird enough, he gives her the pet name “My Killa.”


Cam always uses this wing ding-esque is typing in his signature font.


He eventually stopped getting replies and went back and deleted all of his message, according to the store owner. I guess she missed the DM’s because something prompted her to put him on blast.

Sidenote, Cam’s girlfriend Kia Procter is currently pregnant with their second child.

Cam isn’t the only football player diving in DMs only to be rejected. Head to page 2 for those deets.