Tae Heckard Speaks On Her Love Triangle With Brandon Jennings & Teyana Taylor

On the latest episode of As the Basketball Bounces, Tae Heckard finally weighs in on Teyana Taylor’s interview where she claimed she and Tae were extremely tight – although Teyana admits that Tae didn’t know about Brandon until a few months ago. Tae’s version is exactly what I said it was several weeks ago.

She and Teyana were associates. Club friends, you know that’s my girl…but not real friends.


Listen, if Tae was your good friend, why didn’t she know Brandon before? Why wasn’t she aware of your engagement.


That’s news you share with a “friend,” yes? Teyana has to pick up her dignity and stop trying to fix this in the press. She released screen shots of her alleged text messages with Tae – and let her number show – but something looks a bit tricky.


teyana-taylor-tae-texts Teyana-Taylor-Tweets

And once again, no messages from Brandon and letting him skip all the blame. This was your FIANCE and he’s out in the social media streets saying Tae is the first real relationship he’s had. You’re ok with that?? Ladies, you have to stop excusing a man’s ways and chasing after the woman. Brandon is the one that you should be up in arms at. Not someone you flick up with for the Gram…

Glad I’m an adult… wooooo

Sidenote, Jennings has deleted and restarted his Instagram once again… TheFlawlessLibra get his follower game up.


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