Suge Knight Shot at 1Oak Nightclub


Feels like we’re having a 90’s moment when the East coast and West coast “rappers” were beefing. On Saturday night at 1 Oak night club in West Hollywood, former Death Row exec Suge Night was shot six times Per TMZ. There are videos from inside the club when the shooting took place. The event was a pre-MTV VMA’s party thrown by Chris Brown.

Sources connected to Knight’s family tell us … Suge took 6 bullets — 1 in the arm and 5 in the stomach. Doctors recovered 3 of the bullets … we’re told the other 3 went straight through his body.

Earlier this same evening, rapper The Game was denied entry into the venue and had a scuffle with security.

Police are reportedly focusing on the common bond between Game, Chris Brown and Suge Knight. An affiliation with the Bloods gang.


A few weeks ago, Lil Wayne, another rapper with bloods affiliation was approached by a man saying he’s a crip and that Wayne should “check in.” The man also said “F Suge Knight”

Around 2000 most rappers who were showing affinity to a gang, were waving blue bandanas and crip walking. Wayne included. In 2014, things are different.

Knight was shot in 2005 at another pre-VMA party, and was with Tupac when he was gunned down on the Vegas strip in 1996.

Be safe out there.