Stiletto Jill’s Fantasy Football Team

I have no shame in admitting that at times I’m quite shallow and superficial. That being said, a big part of who is going to win my permanent affections as a football team will somewhat have to do with the type of eye candy said team can provide me with.

The benefit to this in football is I can actually approach this like a man a put a lot of the emphasis on bodies since the players wear helmets. I know that’s a sexist statement :shrug:

So ladies, I need your help. What NFL team has the most TALENT??? I mean if you want to include their actual on field contributions, I appreciate that too. I’m not so shallow as to overlook what they bring to the game. Buuuutttttttt please don’t forget their aesthetic attributes!

Here’s a start of recommendations thus far. Please share your.

  • The Jets with Braylon Edwards & Darrelle Revis (Braylon yes minus that crazy beard he’s rocking, Darrelle I’m not so sure about… I guess his contract raises him a few points?? EEK I suppose) who else ladies? Fill me in, I can’t recall anyone I missed on Hard Knocks expect my Boo Rex Ryan (What?? I told you I LOVE HIM)