Steve Nash trying to keep ex-wife Alejandra & their 3 kids from moving to LA

From the moment Steve Nash announced he was separating from his wife the day after his son Mateo was born, this situation has been strange. From accusations of cheating on both sides to rumors of teammates being involved, etc. it’s been a roller coaster ride. The latest details are equally as bizarre.

According to TMZ, Nash has filed suit to keep his ex-wife, Alejandra and their three children from moving to LA from Phoenix. There’s reportedly a gag order on the case so the reasons for him wanting to block her move are unknown.

Steve and his new girlfriend Brittany currently live in Manhattan Beach. Maybe Steve thinks his ex is looking to keep an eye on him. OR it could be a boost in child support that I’m sure would come living in California. ::shrug::  Interesting turn of events.

Bonus, here’s a recent photo of Alejandra, the twins and Mateo along with Jason Richardson’s wife Jackie.



Maybe Steve and Dwight Howard can trade advice on custody battles too.