Steve Nash has proof his ex wife is plotting LA move for child support

Steve nash and wife

Lakers point guard Steve Nash and his ex-wife Alejandra Amarilla are still battling it out as to the location Alejandra will raise their three children in. Alejandra want to move to LA so her children can be closer to their father however, Nash says that’s BS and his ex-wife is simply trying to position herself to get child support dollars and his lawyer allegedly broke out proof in court.

Steve’s lawyer hammered Alejandra in open court — saying, “You saw the trade [from the Phoenix Suns to the Lakers] as a way to obtain a higher child support amount regardless of what was best for the kids, didn’t you?”

Alejandra denied the allegation — shooting back with a simple, “No.”

Then, Nash’s attorney produced an email that Alejandra supposedly sent to a 3rd party — in which it appears Alejandra discusses a plot to trap Nash into paying child support.

The email reads — “My position is we are moving to California because [our children’s] father is there. I believe the school is a great fit for them. I can’t buy a home unless we get child support. Plan is to move to CA. Wait 6 months then get court involved in child support.”

Ok, first off for the record, I don’t consider a “sign-and-trade” a “trade” because the goal is obviously to get to the other team but that whole cap thing causes technicalities. But let’s get back on topic, was it in Alejandra’s prenup that she take a lump sum or does she simply feel she’s a victim of Arizona laws? Steve only has a year left on his contract, what are his plans after that? Will Alejandra plan to move again? Complicated situation… Never put your plan in writing if you’re unsure what side your “friend” lies.