Stephen Jackson, Lamar Odom, Carlos Boozer and more featured on rap compilation “Full Court Press vol. 1”

With all this talk of athlete/rappers, you knew it was just a matter of time before someone came out with an idea to team them together and release an album. Full Court Press Volume 1 is that album. NBA players that will be featured include Stephen Jackson, Juwan Howard, Baron Davis, Trevor Ariza, Lamar Odom, Carlos Boozer, Glen Davis, Shawn Marion, Josh Smith and others. Some of the tracks will also feature rappers including, Rick Ross, Trina, Snoop Dogg, Birdman, The Game, T-Pain, Bun B, Twista and Soulja Boy. The album is a charity project although which one specifically isn’t included in the video and, all tracks will be “clean” as in no profanity.



This actually isn’t the first time that something like this has happened. Back in 1994 Immortal Records – which at the time was owned by Happy Walters whose now Amar’e Stoudemire’s agent – released “B-ball’s Best Kept Secret” which was, you guessed it, a compilation album featuring athlete/rappers from the NBA.

Check the track listing from that album and one of the cuts.


  1. “Hip Hop Basketball Genie”- :48
  2. “Check It”- 4:07 (Dana Barros)
  3. “Lost in the Sauce”- 4:57 (Malik Sealy)
  4. “Mic Check 1-2”- 3:45 (Shaquille O’Neal and Ill Al Skratch)
  5. “Earl the Goat”- :34
  6. “Flow On”- 4:03 (Cedric Ceballos and Warren G)
  7. “Anything Can Happen”- 5:03 (Brian Shaw)
  8. “Sumptin’ to Groove To”- 3:21 (Chris Mills)
  9. “From the Bay to L.A.”- 1:14 (Sway & King Tech)
  10. “What the Kidd Didd”- 3:52 (Jason Kidd and Money-B)
  11. “Funk in the Trunk”- 4:17 (J.R. Rider)
  12. “Phat Swoosh”- :55
  13. “All Night Party”- 3:47 (Dennis Scott)
  14. “Livin’ Legal and Large”- 3:54 (Gary Payton)
  15. “D.J. S and S Represents”- 1:18
  16. “Ya Don’t Stop”- 4:42 (Dana Barros, Cedric Ceballos, Grand Puba, Sadat X, AG and Diamond D)

The release party for this also served as one of the first looks for NBA Live. So there’s your Sports/Hip-hop fact of the day!

Ironically enough, in theory Juwan Howard could’ve appeared on both projects. How CRAZY is that.


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