Stephen A. Smith Has A Message For Kevin Durant


Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant and ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith have beef.

It started last week following a report Stephen A. gave that stated the Lakers were one of the teams Kevin Durant was seriously considering for his 2016 free agency destination.

KD was asked about it in an interview and said Stephen A. was a liar that never spoke with anyone in his inner circle. Stephen A. responded on Twitter Friday, but on Monday morning’s episode of “First Take,” he had more to add and went hard in the paint at KD. Smith even told the former MVP, that he didn’t want to make an enemy out Smith.

Smith was basically implying that the stories journalist turn a blind eye too, he might pop the lid open on.

“20-plus years of breaking stories in the NBA.” Adding that he could get more out of “ten minutes at the NBA arena” than he could with “50 phone calls.”

Smith also said KD is a “good guy” and the “second best player in the NBA“ but that’s he’s wrong about this.

Journalist and athletes have an interesting relationship. This situation has swerved into the personal lane. Fair or foul on Stephen A.’s rant?