SPOTTED: Courtside the Holiday leftover Edition

Spotted: Courtside fashion leftovers from the holiday:

MVPuppets Lil Dez and his mom in the Nike suite @ The Cavs vs. Lakers BLOW OUT.

*1 question, why do they have her dressed for Sunday service?

Candace Parker & Her daughter Lalia at The Celtics vs Magic

*Lebron James & Moe Williams on their way to ruin LA’s Christmas

*Shaq on his way to ummmmmm… what, I’m unsure at this point.

* Uncle Snoop is so LA but why does it look like his outfit is straight from the Slauson Swapmeet. I know, He’s Gangsta.

* Khole Khardashian-Odom in what I believe to be an incredible pair of Louboutins
And an amazing Louis Vuitton clutch. ::cues hearts and flowers:: Swoon
* Phil was spiffy in his red tie

* There were a few other celebs at the Christmas Day Roasting but they weren’t adorable so I wasn’t motivated to display them.