Soccer star Hope Solo marries ex-NFL player Jerramy Stevens 24-hours after arrest for domestic incident

I am all for giving people a second chance. Circumstances change, people grow, mature, etc. but getting married 24-hours after going to court for a possible domestic issue seems… fast. Especially when you consider the two have only been dating for two months.

Former NFL player Jerramy Stevens and soccer star Hope Solo reportedly married Tuesday night, hours after a judge released Stevens without charging him following his arrest for a domestic violence incident involving Solo.

The police report of the incident alleged Stevens and Solo had an altercation over where they would live after they got married, but, the  judge ruled that there was no evidence to charge Stevens with a crime.

Stevens has a long criminal history stretching back to his days as a high school football star, with arrests for sexual assault, felony battery, failing a drug test while on probation and drunk driving among the charges. His NFL career ended when the Buccaneers cut him in 2010 following his arrest for possession of cannabis with intent to sell.


Would it be inappropriate to bring up Solo’s troubled upbringing? Do you think that has an influence on her selection of a mate?


Good luck with that…