Snoop Dogg Goes IN on Iggy Azalea and Nick Young


Snoop Dogg has over 3 million followers on Instagram. The rapper spends days, and sometimes night posting a mixture of memes, daily updates and videos from his alter ego Todd. Snoop recently reposted a meme that was making fun of rapper Iggy Azalea.

Azalea wasn’t amused and snapped back at the rapper on Twitter.



That set Snoop on a quest to light Iggy a flame on his Instagram timeline. In one post, Snoop put a clip of a woman performing fellatio on a balloon and left the below caption.


One more. Iggy. Suckn d*ck. Like the punk b*tch she is now post some more sh*t hoe !! I’m jus Getn started on ya fake wanna b black b*tch #wrongnigga2fucwit n yo nigga Betta not say sh*t

This one from earlier:

Now I said what I said b*tch now let it go before I go all in on ya pink punk ass yeah u b*tch !!

So says Todd cool out lil sis he was only jokin Sike. Ub*tchu !!


He also advised Iggy’s boyfriend, Lakers’ forward Nick Young not to say anything. But then, in a video he advised Nick to have a word with his lady before he had to. Swaggy dropped this little gem on Twitter. First there was subliminal shade.

Then calling out names, but not including his @

He also came back with an old Eazy E dis track, “Real Compton City G’s” and included the part that specifically says, “F**k Snoop.” you also know he deleted it soon after, right.


I mean, he’s got to defend his ladyfriend, right? But we know Nick ain’t about that life. So the real question is, why is Snoop going so hard on Iggy and Nick?