Sneak Peek At Basketball Wives Season 3 Episode 3 [Video]

I don’t know, maybe they moved a bit to quickly in bringing Season 3 of Basketball Wives back so soon. So far, episode 3 looks like more of the same with the exception of the Royce-Evelyn altercation ( that should be good). Should I mention again how I’m NOT feeling Meeka?

Episode 3 has Meeka on a quest to figure out “who told Tami” that she (Meeka) wasn’t feeling Royce. We get to meet Royce’s new boyfriend (in the looks department, SERIOUS UPGRADE) as well as a trip to the fertility clinic with Chad and Evelyn.



HA, looks like Suzie has learned it’s better sometimes to stay silent!

On a side note, D Listed has a VERY interesting blind item they’re attributing to two of the Basketball Wives cast members. I’m not buying it but you might be in the market to peruse the information. ::giggles::