Sneak Peek At Basketball Wives LA Episode 5 [Video]

On episode 5 of Basketball Wives LA, The group (or “circle” there is another LA reference to that term) takes Draya to task over missing Jackie’s wedding. Imani wonders if love is in her future again and Laura finds out that Draya has had a lot to say about her to someone outside the group.

Sooooo yeah. I really don’t see the big deal with Draya not attending Jackie’s wedding. THAT’S NOT YOUR FRIEND. Beyond that, it’s not as if she’s REALLY trying to pursue that friendship. I hate when they throw in these lame story arcs to keep the show going. By the looks of things, there’s a few home-grown situations that seem to be evolving that are much more realistic.


Soooooo I guess we just won’t be seeing Kimsha or Tanya again…