Siohvaughn Funches Wants Judge Removed From Her Dwyane Wade Divorce Cause He’s A Groupie


Yup, Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches still have some residual issues to hash out in court. This time, DWade isn’t exactly the direct target, his celebrity is. Per Gossip Extra, Funches filed a motion asking that Miami-Dade County Family Court Judge George Sarduy step down from the case because he’s groupied out over DWade.

Among the no-nos that the judge allegedly committed, mostly at a July 3 hearing in which Funches complained that Wade refused to release their kids for her summer visitation:

– Funches requested an emergency meeting June 22 and lost two weeks with the kids because the judge scheduled the hearing to accommodate Wade’s travels

– Chairs were specially set up to allow college students to be close to Wade, who was called to testify. One of Macci’s assistants said she heard a female student say that the highly-unusual seating arrangements were made because her dad is a friend of Sarduy’s

– During Wade’s testimony, Sarduy seemed attentive and argued in favor of Wade while he was seen conversing with a staffer during Funches’ testimony

– Sarduy, according to Macci’s motion, brought out his wife from his chambers and introduced her as Wade looked on. Allegedly, Sarduy never showed off his wife in court before

Siohvaughn also has a suit against her ex-husbands lawyer and the Dolton police who arrested her for allegedly kidnapping her sons during a visit. The charges were later dropped.