Siohvaughn Funches wants gag order removed from Dwyane Wade divorce settlement


Remember last July when Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches, was protesting on a downtown Chicago street about her divorce settlement? Even though DWade’s publicist released a statement declaring the divorce proceedings finally over after the nasty battle dragged on for years, Siohvaughn insisted that she wasn’t signing the settlement which included a gag order.

Funches has recently filed documents challenging the settlement, claiming she never agreed to several terms — including the gag order.

She wants a judge to nullify the agreement, which would force Wade back to the bargaining table.

As for the gag order, Funches says … if Wade is free to bash her in his book , she should have the same right to bash him.  A judge has yet to rule on her request.

I told you this back in July though. In other divorce related news, the parenting coordinator and the court-appointed psychologist quit the case per “Gossip Extra.”

According to court filing in Miami-Dade County family court, parenting coordinator Howard Rosenberg resigned his $400-an-hour job this month.

In his letter to the judge, he listed his inability to work “effectively” with the lawyers involved in the case as the main reason.

He didn’t name the culprits, but I’m told Funches’ lawyers complained that Rosenberg personally communicated with the judge, bypassing them, and even attempted to change the children’s visitation schedule behind their backs.

The psychologist reportedly quit the case before a first session was scheduled with Siohvaughn.